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Stylmartin And Pando Moto Collaboration

June 04, 2019
Stylmartin And Pando Moto Collaboration

Confront Fear. Experience Freedom

The trip to Thailand was long, but the destination made the journey worth every second. We’re talking 20 full days of raw adventure, igniting feelings you’ve never felt before. I found a profound sense of relief, after years of chasing success.

It’s so important to change your surroundings every now and again – to tap into your true thoughts and understand what you really want. Riding into the unknown is scary, but fear is temporary. Regret is forever. Anything could be waiting around the corner, including that breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Even if it’s just an incredible view, you’ll never know unless you take that step. Sure, you might find something you don’t like so much, but challenges force us to think differently. For me, traveling by bike on roads less traveled is the best way to reflect on my life. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s chaotic. Regardless, there’s one common thread. It pushes you forward – and you learn something new about yourself. That’s what it means to confront fear. That’s what it meant to find freedom.

Special thanks to @stylmartin_official

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