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Great Motorcycle Gear Leads To Great Connections

February 05, 2020
Great Motorcycle Gear Leads To Great Connections

When traveling around the world, you have an amazing opportunity to meet exceptional people. Dive into their culture, history, and experience how different their life is. Walking the same earth, we bring a pristine uniqueness with ourselves. So similar, but so different we are. Riding, laughing, fighting, enduring all the beauty of our lives – we don’t want this to end. So let’s make it last as long as we can. Safety is not an unconditional factor, safety is our responsibility and should be our priority, and we stand by it. 

Wearing Pando Moto protective motorcycle gear and Stylmartin boots, we traveled to Thailand, where we met the talented bamboo tattoo master. A native Thai who pursued a career of his predecessors and followed the path of creating authentic pieces on the peoples’ skins, turning this experience into a ritual of its kind. The ritual originated in Buddhist temples, where Monks and Thai soldiers would receive religious text tattoos from grandmaster monks for protection, strength, and invisibility.

Being a passionate artist, he is also a notorious scrambler and a proud Muay Thai fighter. No words can express how exciting it is to meet such a versatile, strong soul, who gives such a nod to his cultural history. To get to know his surroundings and, at the same time, to expand your own views and beliefs.

Each and every one of us is one of those special people, emitting light from ourselves and bringing something special to this world. And as much as the words of an ancient tattoo can calm your mind, they cannot protect your skin. So gear up and choose your motorcycle gear wisely. There is no need to compromise between safety, functionality, and style. Don’t allow for your uniqueness to be lost.

Enjoy our short video featuring Pando Moto X Stylmartin protective boots and see for yourself how you can be both good-looking and protected at the same time. Choose your favorite piece from our collection and let the motorcycle gear fight for your life. 

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