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EICMA 2016 The Next Big Step Towards Scaling

November 18, 2016
EICMA 2016 The Next Big Step Towards Scaling

Six days of relentless work just came to the end at the biggest show for two wheel riders EICMA in Milan. Again it was a great show and unremarkable experience. The one we had last year – not more not less. Met great people from all around the globe and had lot of fun. And yes, without Aperol Spritz Milan has many more to offer. As for business stand point we are keeping expansion pace at its best. And EICMA is like springboard pushing us forward to new heights. Next year probably you will find our products in way more spots at Europe, continental America, Asia and Australia. You cannot ask for more. If you have something unique and extraordinary EICMA is a place to share it and engage with market reps.

New models and fabrics were introduced in our 2017 collection. The special emphasis is on stretch Dyneema denim. World strongest fiber ever discovered. 15 times stronger than steel. Thus remains lightweight (it can float on the water) and stretchy. A few models will come out next year made of this unique fabric. Stay tuned.

Big thanks to our tireless crew that made it happen. Sarunas for supervising all management process, Gravzydas for support dealing with customers, Gilda for reaching up and following all leads in Italy.

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