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Top Motorcycle Pants for Women

January 26, 2022

When it comes to women’s motorcycle apparel and especially motorcycle pants for women, the choices out there are still somewhat limited. However, with brands finally catching up to the growing community of female riders, women’s motorcycle jeans aren’t as hard to find as it was just a few years ago. But what exactly should you look for in women’s motorcycle pants?

To help you get the best bang for your buck, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to women’s motorcycle riding jeans and how to find that perfect pair that will fit well, look great, and protect you in case of a crash. As a female rider, you no longer have to sacrifice style for safety, so let’s dig right in and help you figure out which motorcycle pants for women would work best for you.

Everything you Need to Know About Motorcycle Pants for Women

Motorcycle pants for women

We know that that’s an ambitious title, but look: just like with men’s motorcycle riding gear, the best women’s motorcycle pants will have the exact same key features. First and foremost, your motorcycle jeans should be made of high-quality, abrasion, and tear-resistant fabric. Whether it’s leather or Kevlar-reinforced textile is up to you, but make sure you choose safety and protection first.

Women’s motorcycle jeans should also fit very well. Fit isn’t just crucial for comfort, but also safety: too tight gear can cause chafing, cut off blood circulation, or restrict movement. Equipment that is too loose is just as dangerous. If your jeans are too big for you, chances are, the protective armor pads will not sit where they should be sitting, increasing your risk of injury should you come off your bike.

Finally, the jeans should also look good. Gone are the days of chunky, shapeless Kevlar monstrosities. Nowadays, gear manufacturers aim to create motorcycle apparel that combines function and form.

Fiber Choices

Let’s break down the safety of the women’s motorcycle riding jeans a little further. We briefly touched on the fabrics in the previous section, but what exactly should you look for, and why?

If you are looking into women’s motorcycle leather pants, make sure they are specialized motorcycle pants and not just a pair of leather leggings from a retail store. Remember that the leather needs to be at least 1,2mm thick to offer sufficient protection.

If you’re leaning towards women’s motorcycle riding jeans, look for fabrics like Cordura, Dyneema, or Kevlar. These are the three materials used for women’s motorcycle jeans most widely, and each has some unique properties making the jeans tear, burst, and abrasion-resistant.

Abrasion Resistance

Speaking of abrasion resistance: what it means is the fabric’s ability to withstand situations when you fall off your motorcycle and slide. Even at slow speeds, this could do severe damage, so you want something like women’s Kevlar jeans to make sure your skin is well protected.

motorcycle pants for women abrasion resistance

The stuff bulletproof vests are made of; Kevlar is not the only fabric that is strong, durable, and can take a beating, however. Cordura is another abrasion-resistant material often used in motorcycle jeans, usually either in combination with Kevlar or with Kevlar-reinforced seams.

Finally, there’s Dyneema, probably the most versatile fabric of them all. Dyneema is even stronger than Kevlar, but it’s also light and breathable, making your jeans a little softer. Most of the time, gear manufacturers tend to blend different fibers and fabrics together for the best outcome, so if you see a label like “25% Dyneema”, for example, you’re good to go.

Women’s Armored Motorcycle Pants

Aside from abrasion-resistant fabric, you also want some decent armor at your hips and knees. These are the high impact areas in a crash scenario, which is why you want women’s motorcycle jeans with armor. The good news is that they don’t necessarily have to look chunky. Nowadays, the technology is amazing, and your motorcycle jean armor pads will typically be fairly thin and flexible. Although, do make sure the armor has the CE label on them, which indicates the armor meets current motorcycle safety standards regulated by the EU.

Motorcycle Pants for Women Fit

Motorcycle pants for women

Women have different body shapes and sizes, and it is extremely important to find the right fit for your body type. Women’s high-waisted motorcycle jeans might work great for your friend, whereas you might prefer a lower waist; some love tight-fitting women’s skinny motorcycle jeans, others enjoy a more regular cut. There’s no right or wrong here, and you should wear what fits and feels best.

However, always make sure the women’s motorcycle riding jeans are a little stretchy. You want to be comfortable and move freely when you sit on your bike. The fit should be snug but not restrictive. If you’re aiming for a regular cut, make sure the jeans aren’t too big for you.

Finally, if you have a unique body shape and can’t find a pair of ladies’ motorcycle pants that fit in your local area, shop around online. Don’t ever be tempted to take your motorcycle jeans to a tailor’s and have them adjusted. Motorcycle jeans are designed with great attention to the smallest detail. So any alterations to the garment may significantly reduce its protective function.

Ventilation vs Water resistance

If you ride your motorcycle year-round, you need a pair of motorcycle pants for women that will work great in all kinds of weather. It depends on how extreme the contrast is between summer and winter temperatures. But consider getting a pair for the warm weather and another pair for those cold and rainy days. Alternatively, you can always wear waterproof overalls over your jeans when the weather turns bad. Or put a thin base layer underneath for extra warmth.

Convenience for Boots

Last but not least, your motorcycle jeans need to work with your women’s motorcycle boots. Whether you prefer wearing your jeans over or under the boots, opt for jeans that hug ankles snugly. This way, you’ll never risk loose jean material getting caught on your footpegs or brake pedal. Wearing your jeans tucked into the boots is much safer and usually more comfortable when on and off the bike.

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