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Has Pando Moto Made The Best Riding Jeans Ever?

January 16, 2018
Has Pando Moto Made The Best Riding Jeans Ever?

Motorcycle pants are evolving as technology advances, benefiting riders looking for pants that protect, fit, last, and look good off the bike. Lithuanian clothing manufacturer Pando Moto might not be on your radar, but it should.

Made in Europe of heavy-duty 13-ounce denim with Coolmax and Cordura fabric for wicking away moisture and allowing stretch on the bike, the men’s Karl Black and women’s Rosie Black jeans both have a Kevlar interlock knit lining and include SAS-TEC or Knox knee armor that’s easily removable from external pockets.

Coolmax fibers are not round but are slightly oblong in cross-section with grooves running lengthwise along the threads. The series of closely spaced channels creates capillary action that wicks moisture through the core and out to a wider area on the surface of the fabric which increases evaporation. This is good on hot summer days on the bike for hours under the sun.

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