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September 30, 2021

Being a leading motorcycle apparel brand focused on safety, style, and function, we are revealing our new line of gear and a new logo today. Celebrating years of success designing motorcycle jeans, jackets, and other riding apparel with the highest safety standards and unique aesthetics. PANDO MOTO is moving forward with a new look – and new brand ideas.

Riders’ needs evolve fast, and since all PANDO MOTO motorcycle apparel is Engineered by Riders®, we are reacting to what motorcyclists want: more casual gear and looks. We are very passionate about motorcycles ourselves. So, our team aims to understand the rider’s needs. Listen to their voice, evaluate the riders’ feedback, and only then get to work. And this time around, riders want more apparel designed to look and feel great both on and off the bike.

“We’ve noticed a trend where motorcyclists want motorcycle gear that can also be worn casually or combined with other activities. They want protective motorcycle jeans they can also wear for a skateboarding session with friends. Shirts that they can wear for both riding and work. Riders want apparel that doesn’t necessarily scream “motorcycles” but can function in different scenarios throughout the day. And we’re happy to oblige”, our founder Marius Bieliauskas explains.

Reacting to this new trend, we decided to create a minimalist but casual look. With new colors and designs to cater to the new generation of riders aiming to feel and look cool whether they’re riding, hanging out with friends, or working. In addition to the latest apparel lines, we created a new logo to reflect the changes and emphasize our roots.

“The new logo concept came out of a desire to pull back from the old image. Create something new, and bring a certain clean, crisp clarity into our brand. The new logo was born from our intent to show riders who we are and expose our roots”, Marius says.

The new PANDO MOTO logo has an entirely different visual aesthetic. Drawing on strong, clear lines and leaning into the Nordic influence that has always been at the core of the brand’s philosophy and minimalist design.

True to these core values, the idea of a new logo design was born within the PANDO MOTO team collectively. Designer Justinas Beneckas created the new logo, which is inspired by Scandinavian runes and Baltic symbols. But the entire team contributed to the process by adding our ideas and feedback.

“Once we selected the version of the logo everyone was most excited about, what we loved was how universal it was and how, at the same time, it seamlessly showcased our origins and our mission in one bold stroke. We’re all stoked to start highlighting our brand through a new lens”, Anastasia, head of marketing at PANDO MOTO, explains.

The new logo reveal requires a transition period: the existing apparel lines will continue bearing the old PANDO MOTO symbol. At the same time, the 2022 collection will feature the new logo and a new color palette to accentuate the change. However, the company goals and values will remain the same: creating high-quality protective gear for riders by riders.

“Our mission is simple: keep riders safe while looking rad and feeling comfortable. However, as a brand, we’re growing, improving, and perfecting our craft. We hope the new logo will help showcase this”, Marius adds.

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