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Due to current situation, our main delivery method using DPD for EU deliveries has been updated with some changes within process for delivery, please check the information below:


Starting on Monday, March 16, 2020, DPD contactless delivery will begin. All parcels are delivered within 2 meters of the Consignee without direct contact with the Consignee. To change the recipient’s signature on the courier scanner, use one of the following methods.


1. The recipient shall display a valid identity document of his / her identity at a distance and the courier in his / her scanner enters the last 5 digits of the document number (not a personal identification number). Eligible documents: passport, ID card, driver’s license.

2. If the Recipient does not have his / her personal identity document, the courier, with the Recipient’s consent, shall take a photo of the consignment at a distance of 2-3 meters.

3. The courier can direct the shipment to the most convenient DPD Pickup post office if the recipient refuses to take a picture.

4. If the consignee refuses to carry out the above, the courier shall not deliver the parcel. The shipment is returned to the sender.


1. If the item is intended for a company, the courier takes pictures of items left on the company premises from a distance of several meters to see fragments of the business premises. This is taken as evidence that the courier has delivered the parcels. You do not need to provide your employee with a photo ID or photo.

Any changes to the process will be communicated to private recipients the evening before delivery and the morning of delivery. We will additionally inform the Recipients of the business.

Limitations. The courier may not enter apartments or private homes other than public areas, y. hallways, stairwells, etc. Access to business premises is not restricted.

*DHL Express delivery for our International / non-EU orders currently remains the same, otherwise will be stated.

If you have more questions, please contact us through: [email protected]

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