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Pando Moto M65 Jacket & Karl Motorcycle Jeans – Review By

pandomoto m65 jacket and karl jeans review by thebikeshedcc

“Now Pando Moto – whose mission statement is to create stylish motorcycle wear that also protects it’s wearer properly – have produced their take on this timeless classic. Pando Moto’s M65 Camo Jacket may take its cues from the M-65, but it is anything but a derivative imitation. Instead, it’s packed full of neat features specifically incorporated for us motorcyclists.”

“Protective motorcycling jeans. Something that I’ve always struggled with and haven’t yet found ‘the ones’ for me. So much so, that until these Pandomoto Karl Devil’s turned up in the shop, I had still been wearing a bog standard pair of jeans that I stole from my mother!”

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