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11 a.m. in Milan (March 15th), prepared and excited PANDO MOTO team finally got their happy hour on Italian stage at the best known Harley Davidson spot in Milan – GATE32. Featured the prominent motorcycle expert /blogger Nicola Andreetto new motorcycle apparel line had been introduced to number of top journalists and recognized bloggers. “Designed and handcrafted in Europe the brand had gained instant popularity worldwide in just a few years for its undying passion for quality and innovation” – Nicola welcomed PANDO MOTO onstage and so it began…

Starting from unique Dyneema® BOSS line which is made out of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. It’s been widely used in military and maritime industry. 15 times stronger than steel – this state-of-the-art fabric can withstand 4.1 sec. of abrasion (according to EN 13835:2002 standard) and yet be so light to float on the water.

KARL line is another heavy-weight best seller in PANDO’s arsenal. Equipped with stretch panels on the back and knee areas it gives ultra-comfort and extra safety. Made of stretch CORDURA® (nylon) denim, lined with DuPont™ Kevlar® – it is the perfect sandwich for ultimate comfort and abrasion resistance. Seams in vulnerable areas reinforced using Kevlar® threads. Comes in black, indigo and pre-washed versions.

ROSIE line is the slim fit cut admired by ladies. Made of CORDURA®/ DuPont™ Kevlar® stretch sandwich, it has a unique COOLMAX® technology (polyester fibers that move perspiration away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric).

CAPO line. Stretch CORDURA® denim based jackets: shirts; BOMBER and RIDER truck jacket. Equipped with bi-swing stretch panels on the back for comfortable ride position.

Iconic M65 line – the jacket everyone was amazed of. Having unique jacquard camouflage fabric and b-swing panels it is definitely “must have” item for every rider. Easy removable CE approved (EN 1621-1:2012) shoulder, elbow and back armor gives extra edge to the jacket. Also available in CORDURA® denim.

Tremendous success in famous shows: 2015/2016 EICMA (Italy), Intermot (Germany) and Artemoto (Portugal) had boosted brand awareness worldwide. Featured in The Bike Shed, Ultimate Motorcycle, Silodrome, and many more. Acknowledged by 30 retailers in more than 15 countries, PANDO MOTO is your next best partner.

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“it’s not really the fuel that drives us – its passion” – PANDO MOTO



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