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Pando Moto Boss Black Motorcycle Jeans – Review By

Pando Moto Boss Black Motorcycle Jeans Review By

“Pando Moto makes high-end motorcycle gear that doesn’t really adhere to any particular style or genre. But it’s all sturdy and damn good looking. The Boss Black jeans are a pretty good example of what they do as a whole – they’re slim fit but not too skinny and don’t feature any glaring styling issues that come with many other motorcycle jeans.”

“They sit relatively high on the waist and have two large pockets on the rear and, thankfully, two damn big front pockets. Handy if you’re not planning to lose your wallet and a minor touch that some other motorcycle jean manufacturers haven’t grasped yet. The fly is a zipper, not a cowardly series of buttons. Stitching is all kevlar reinforced.”

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