Whether it would be a day in the office or a day on the road, Kevlar® clothing line is perfect for both of the occasions – simple to use safety pads instalment pockets let you go from your regular self to a petrol head ready to take on the challenges of the road.

What is Kevlar®

First things that pop into many people minds when they hear ‘Kevlar®’ are dusty battles of the modern day soldier in scorching deserts of Iraq, in other words – toys for big boys. Even though one of the primary goals of Kevlar is to stop bullets and knifes in the battlefield, it is also very effective at preventing injuries when the unexpected happens while you take on the challenges of the road

Kevlar is a popular choice among soldiers and police officers when it comes to bulletproof vests as it is 5 times stronger comparing to steel. The high-end Kevlar used in our clothing line is made by the professionals of their trade – DuPoint®. Here at Pando we found a way how to take DuPoint® Kevlar’s® best traits and add them to your daily ride experience by creating Pando Kevlar® clothing line.

As with all of our products, we care not only about the safety of riders but the looks of them as well. Because of Kevlar’s muscle approach at preventing injuries, we have paved the way for a strong wear designed to represent the ideals of the rebellious and yet gentle free-soul of the roads. These traits are imbedded in the sharp features of the stiches and threads as if the denim itself comes to life when it touches the warm flesh of the rider’s body.

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