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When will I get paid for my successful referrals?

Payments are processed once per month, towards the end of month. Payment is made for all the referrals earned up to date.

What is the commission size and how is the commission calculated?

It is 10% of the total order value.

How this affiliate system works?

AffiliateWP uses cookies to track affiliates and visits so referrals can be generated. When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, and these cookies are successfully created, a visit will appear in AffiliateWP’s Visits screen. The cookies will then remain in the browser throughout the purchase or conversion process to track the correct affiliate so a referral can be generated for that affiliate. The cookies will also remain in the customer’s browser for a period of 30 days. If you have more questions on AffiliateWP, please see their FAQ page.
Do not hesitate to contact Pando Moto team for additional questions or assistance if needed.

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