What is Dyneema®

Just like the notorious fabric itself – Dyneema® – the underdog of the industry who has become the flagman of the modern day fiber innovation – its individuality, the spirit of inner fight and rebellion against traditional mind-sets still resonate through threads and stitches of the Pando Dyneema® moto-gear clothing line.

At this point in time Dyneema® is the strongest fiber material on the planet earth, 15 times stronger than steel. First industrialized uses of the fiber have been implemented in moving buildings, stabilizing oil rigs, and stopping bullets. We can proudly say that we have managed to tame this beast-of-a-fabric to make sure your rides are as smooth as the fresh road.

Dyneema® clothing fabric is synonymous with innovation, as it was introduced as a clothing fabric just last year, and with touch from Pando team we forged the innovation and style into Pando Dyneema® clothing line. By pushing the boundaries of safety standards we managed to create a clothing line which took the safety standards to a whole new level, but which also lets you express yourself through unique Pando style.

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