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Safety shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. It should go unsaid, working hard behind the scenes as you burn rubber. Each of our cutting-edge garments is designed and developed in accordance with the CUT-TO-THE-BONE DESIGN philosophy. Contemporary, high-tech motorcycle gear is a must for serious riders. That’s why we fuse the very latest in textile technologies with urban riding culture along with European standards EN 17092 (PROTECTION ZONING SYSTEM).

Protection zoning system

According to EN 17092 standard

Pando moto protection zoning system


In layman’s terms: Nothing less, nothing more. No bells or whistles. No frills. We believe that simplicity is sophistication; a philosophy we keep at the heart of all we do. The safety features of our apparel are weaved into the very fabric of our creations, intelligently concealed with forward-thinking designs.

We’re 7 years strong, but never stop working to up our game. Our goal is to produce ergonomic, good-looking, pre-shaped clothing items capable of withstanding unimaginable pressure.


With the CUT-TO-THE-BONE DESIGN approach we developed Protection Frame to integrate unexpected safety layering to safeguard vulnerable areas. Years of tireless trial and error have let us to this moment; where we are officially able to deliver advanced motorcycle gear that flawlessly complies with all European Safety Standards (EN 17092)

There are three things that shape the core of our mission: Safety, functionality, and design. You shouldn’t have to pick and choose. You should have access to get everything you need to stay safe on the road; allowing for comfort, freedom of movement, and style.

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