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Crash review feat. BOSS 105 INDIGO

Just wanted to let you know that you’ll be getting a great review from me. The attached photo shows the jeans you sent me after a 60mph crash. I slid and rolled about 100 feet and got up without a scratch.

I was riding the new Harley-Davidson Street Rod and several other moto-journalists were very impressed with how well your jeans protected me.

I think I came off at 60 mph, but one of the riders behind me says we were travelling at 65 mph. Either way, the jeans held up really well.

The jeans were the Boss 105 Indigo. I love them even more now that I know how good they are at protecting me.

Chris Cope


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postcrash-770x500 sr1-770x440 chris-1 chris-2 chris-3 chris-4 chris-5


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