What is Cordura® denim

As its name translated from Spanish suggests, Cordura® denim is the reasonable fabric for the reasonable personality. Story of Cordura® fabric have begun with a sense of adventure as the first uses of the fabric were implemented in making durable backpacks. These backpacks were praised by its customers and now here in PANDO MOTO we transformed this rooted outcry for adventure to a practical PANDO MOTO Cordura® clothing line.

Even though PANDO MOTO Cordura® Wear resembles a regular denim fabric it is everything but a regular denim, choosing Cordura® denim clothing line is to forget such things as wear and tear. As it looks and feels as cotton denim material it is in fact 4 times stronger and comes with added abrasion resistance.

We – as always – pay close attention to details when it comes to style. By carefully crafting the design we developed this clothing line to be practical on the road and at the same time – to make you stand out from the rest of the world.

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