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Pando Moto Boss Black 9 Jeans After 1 Year Of Stunt Riding

Pando Moto Boss Black 9 Jeans After 1 Year Of Stunt Riding

Paulius Labanauskas – Stunt Riding world champion. We all know and respect the hero. Did you know that even after winning the “Best Stunt Rider” award, Paulius continued practicing and pushing further to achieve even after winning the “Best Stunt Rider” award, Paulius continued practicing and pushing further to achieve even more?

His insatiable hunger keeps him moving forward, and he did all of this wearing a pair of Boss Black 9 jeans by Pando Moto – for the entire 2018 season. We know what you’re thinking. How can one pair of jeans look this good after a full year of shows, falls, fails, and victories? The truth blew our minds. Here’s what Paulius had to say.

How many stunts shows and events did the Pando Moto jeans withstand?

During the 2018 riding season, I participated in about 20 events all around the world, performing as a stunt rider. From the Ghetto Games 2018 to the Smash Festival, Ouest Bike Contest, European Street Bike Championship, and more, I did a lot.

For how many hours at a time did you wear the jeans during your stunt sessions?

During the summer season, I’d practice for 5-6 days a week, 4-6 hours a day.

How long does it usually take you to learn a new trick?

Every stunt is different, so it all depends. Some take a week or two to master, others will keep me busy practicing for a whole year.

Nobody’s perfect – do you have any memorable failures during practice sessions?

Oh, yeah. I had this one crazy accident where I had to stand on my head on a moving bike. I was riding at a pretty high speed when the gas ran out. Needless to say, the bike came to an abrupt stop, sending me tumbling to the ground. The bike went right over me. I laugh about it now, but trust me – it was NOT funny at the time.

As a pro stunt rider, what matters to you in riding gear?

Comfort – above all. The fabric needs to have the right amount of elastane, seeing as I need a LOT of freedom of movement when performing (and practicing). Another important factor is certified armor, AND safety, of course, especially around vulnerable areas like the knees. Adapted knee armor is a bonus for protection and flexibility for stunts where I need to bend my knees at different angles. This also brings more comfort. That’s what I love about the Boss Black 9 jeans by Pando Moto. They also have adjustable cuffs with a button on the end, which means I never have to worry about getting stuck or disturbed mid-ride. Oh, and did I mention how slick they look? These babies bring me tons of attention when performing. Audiences love my stunts and my style. Double-whammy!

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