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Blog Month: July 2020

The Stunter: Paulius Labanauskas

Paulius Labanauskas has had a passion for motorcycles since he was a child; he craved the power, the speed, that extreme sense of freedom that only riding can satisfy. Growing up he realised that the road was not enough for him, he wanted more and he kept on pushing the boundaries until he was finally … Continued

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Crash Tested: Karl Devil 9 Jeans

Shortly after starting to ride motorcycles, Risto started developing a real passion for them. He was getting used to long road rides, and simply couldn’t wait to take his Ducati Monster on the track and have some real fun with it. After his first day, Risto was already feeling pretty confident on the track, he … Continued

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The King of Motorcycle Apparel: What Is Kevlar?

Five times stronger than steel, heat-resistant, and surprisingly light: Kevlar has been the undisputed king of protective clothing for decades. You’ve probably heard of bulletproof Kevlar vests or Kevlar motorcycle jeans. But what exactly is Kevlar, how is it made, and why do we use it for motorcycle apparel so often? Kevlar is, essentially, a … Continued

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