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Blog Month: May 2020

Malamadre Motorcycles: Building Custom Bikes in Paradise

Looking from an outsider’s perspective, Bali seems like a far-flung destination that’s all about white sand beaches, surfing spots, and yoga retreats. Right? Wrong! Having recently visited Bali ourselves, we found something we didn’t expect: a flourishing motorcycle culture that’s as vibrant and diverse as it is back in North America or Europe. PANDO MOTO … Continued

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Protective Motorcycle Gear: Fabrics Explained

Protective motorcycle gear is one of the most hotly debated topics among riders, and for a good reason. Leather vs. Textile, the best protective motorcycle gear out there, questions about different brands and different gear styles – all of this is constantly on our minds as motorcyclists. We want to feel good and look good … Continued

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Pando Moto Unisex Base Layers Review By Hiconsumption

Without the benefit of seatbelts, airbags, and protective cages with crumple zones, motorcycle gear has to protect its wearer from the slides and impacts inherent to crashes. Traditionally, this has meant donning riding jackets and pants with built-in armor that are made from materials that afford solid abrasion-resistance, though Pando Moto’s latest release, an armored base layer … Continued

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