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Blog Month: February 2020

Gear Review: Pando Moto Steel Black 9 Riding Jeans

Can Steel Black 9 become one of your favorite jeans? 25% Dyneema®, 15 times stronger than steel, high heat conductivity, CE officially approved, 2 position knee armor pockets, and a reflective cuff – this is all bout our Steel Black 9 model. And the RideApart team has tested them out: Everyone has a favorite pair of … Continued

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5 Most Underrated Motorcycle Touring Destinations in Europe

The riding season is about to kick off, so you’re probably getting ready to hit the road soon – and what better way to celebrate the spring than going on a motorcycle tour? And if you’re looking for some motorcycle road trip ideas, we’ve got your back: here at Pando Moto, we’ve ridden Europe top … Continued

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Great Gear Leads To Great Connections

When traveling around the world, you have an amazing opportunity to meet exceptional people. Dive into their culture, history, and experience how different their life is. Walking the same earth, we bring a pristine uniqueness with ourselves. So similar, but so different we are. Riding, laughing, fighting, enduring all the beauty of our lives – … Continued

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In Search of a Perfectly Shaped Road

In the fall of 2019, noted motorcyclist and explorer Martynas Majauskas started planning his journey to the mecca of motorcycle roads — the Alp Mountains. In America, all the road-trips led to California. And various adventure seekers were heading to the West, starting their roads in cities, passing canyons, and ending up on the golden … Continued

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