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Blog Month: January 2019

Story exploring the great British countryside

Pando Ace Story – Exploring the Great British Countryside

Pando Ace Jay Dhokia and his friends decided to ride to Stonehenge – a place that none of them had ever been before and had on their bucket list for quite some time.

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7 wild tips for winter motorcycle riding

7 wild tips for winter motorcycle riding

As everybody is waiting for the winter to end, Bella, on the contrary, is embracing the cold weather and is sharing her TOP 7 tips of how to enjoy winter like a real biker!

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Crash story: The Ghost of Uniondale

Crash story: Pando Moto Jeans vs Antelope

I was riding at speed limit, 120km/h, in the middle of the road, with my hand covering the brakes. There was no one in sight, my eyes were wide open, only for an antelope to cross the road in front of me seconds later…

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